What Our Fans Say.

Raihanah Selamat

Designed by Samuel Lim

We were recommended by my colleagues to engage Dreamvision Designer and we didn’t regret choosing them! Our dream home did come true! Sam attended to us from Day 1 all the way till our renovation is completed, which was less than 2 months. He was very efficient, walked us through the whole process as we are first time home owners, was completely honest with us in terms of our choices and helped us save cost wherever we could. It was a fuss free experience and all of our concerns were replied to on the very same day, even those that were sent past working hours. We really felt that we and our house were in good hands! I strongly recommend Dreamvision to everyone! Thank you Sam! (:

Ha Li Fu

Designed by Samuel Lim

Samuel is in charge of my house renovation from 4 Nov 2017 to 18 Nov 2017. only In this short short time he had completed the work that normally need 1 or 2 months. And the work done by Samuel is excellent!! He is not just artistic design for interior of my house but also help us to save our money for important things and advise us not spend on things that non-important. Samuel thinks not only he himself but also us interests. If without Samuel’s responsibility we can not shift from old house to new house so smoothly. Soooooo much thanks to Samuel and strong recommended Samuel to design for your house!!!

Por Siempre Amor

Designed by Kenneth Yip

We have chosen Kenneth Yip as our ID because we hear about the raving reviews from his completed work. The comment is literally “the actual work completed is 99.9% lookalike as the 3D drawing”. and that applies to our completed home as well. 🙂 From the start till the end he has proven to be a very dedicated ID. He takes up the challenge of our super tight timeline and always do his best to deliver it. His replies to our queries are always very prompt and we really appreciate his efforts in this. He is someone who is very easy to work with, accommodative but somehow also strict with the perfect end results he wanted to achieve. Thanks Kenneth, for all the advices and assistance these months 🙂

Angeline Yeo

Designed by Yvonne Tan

We chances upon Dreamvision when doing research about various designer firms. Attracted to the good reviews and designs presented on social media, I sent an email and was assigned to a designer, Yvonne. Frankly speaking, she wasn’t my first choice and she also knew that. Long story short, I just want to say that I am really Glad and thankful that Yvonne was my choice. She was very sociable, open to ideas, responsive and practical during the process. Although there were some unavoidable disputes, she managed to settle them professionally. We were very happy and pleased with the result and would like to thank Yvonne and her team for making it happen. Definitely will recommend her to my friends and in fact, I already did. 😁😁

Shinny Tara

Designed by Yvonne Tan

I had my kitchen done up at new Bto flat , a friend recommended Dreamvision designer Yvonne . Yvonne was an excellent, patient n profession n great planner , thru times we had discussion and meet up n beyond d office hours she had given to me advises on my kitchen. I simply loved my new kitchen , my family n relatives appraise of their workmanship n design . Thank you Yvonne from Dreamvision she is working within my budget very well and she had suggested what is not necessary and important to me, would greatly recommend to their design services.

Sharon Lee

Designed by Samnuel Lim

A very artsy interior designer firm. Big thanks to Samuel who always think out of the box and make our pennies worth (he will advise if doing this or that is worth or waste of money in long run). Always find great insights to deliver what you want with their proposed design. Highly recommended, especially to home owners who want to create some art in their daily living space.

Karen Lim

Designed by Samuel Lim

Had my 4 room Bto done by them. Mr samuel is very patient and walk me throughout the whole process as I knew nuts about designing a new flat and with my busy schedule of work and family. He actually point and drew up the design for my easy reference. He has been very accommodating along with the update of the renovation status. I am very glad and happy that I have engage them to do up my entire house. I would like to thank Samuel & His Team!

Carrie Chee

Designed by Kenneth Yip

Was recommended by a good friend to use Kenneth Yip as our ID.. Compared a few quotes and found his very competitive. He was also very responsive and fast. Fast forward to our reno- He is as equally responsive and very responsible. He pointed out areas that we din think was a problem and got the contractor to rectify. We really wanted to shift in before cny and he made that happened in less than a month, hassle free with very minimal worries! Multiple thumbs up! 👍👍👍 Will definitely recommend him to anyone who wishes to build their dream home hassle free! We also received lots of positive comments for our home decor.. Of which the most common one was ‘is this a showflat? So impressive!

Elaine Toh

Designed by Kenneth Yip

We engaged Kenneth Yip as our ID for our loft unit. He’s able to translate our ideas well during the initial discussions and we find him very sincere. As a walk in customer with no prior experience with any designers , he has far exceeded our expectations. He definitely met all the criteria of a designer we wish to look for :- Superb work attitude, punctual for all his appointments, very responsive in all communications, attentive to slightest details, communicate fully all potential issues, does not compromise on safety esp for a family with young children, able to resolve issues timely and has given us a great peace of mind handling our house to him. He has gained our trust fully and we always tell him that we will leave the decisions to him on many major choices. He has great expectations of his own designs and will ensure that final results are exactly what we envisioned together. Very impressive with this young boy! Heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Kenneth for your hard work and going the extra mile for us. May u continue to excel in what you do always! !

Jeffrey Low

Designed by Samuel Lim

While we were hunting around getting quotes for our renovation, some designers quoted us exhorbitant fees because we literally wanted to hack everything. Some did not even come back with a quote thinking that we could not afford it . We chanced upon Dreamvision who was highly recommended by my colleague who had worked with them before. Our meeting with Sam was a fruitful one; he was extremely patient as we are not the easiest people to work with, having our own set of ideas, designs and expectations. Other than being good listeners, Sam and his team are creative and come up with suggestions which they feel can help us achieve what we want yet minimise cost. We would say Dreamvision’s renovation cost is above average market rate, but what you pay is what you get. If you want quality workmanship, material and detailing, you simply have to pay for them. Other IDs may quote you a lower price, but they will charge you additional for every single little extra job that they do; so they might end up more expensive in the end. Another important factor you should consider when choosing an ID is their availability. Many IDs remain uncontactable or very difficult to reach. Dreamvision is very responsive; one phone call and things will be done and consistently followed up. Special thanks to Dion for co-ordinating this project. We are overall very happy despite some hiccups due to our indecisiveness and fickle-mindedness. If we have another place, we will definitely engage their services again. Thank you Sam and team…

Jaangeer Ng Kia Yaun

Designed by Samuel Lim

Big thanks to samuel for the great ideas and patience.. recommend for this designer and their team. Great job.

Cher Fern

Designed by Shane & Gian

My resale unit was done up by Shane & Gian. Very professional and we have nothing but praise for them. Our requirement are met & fulfilled. It’s certainly a joy working as a partner to transform my unit into a home sweet home.👍🏻

Fawn Chen

Designed by Shane & Gian

I’ll recommend Gian and Shane for their good workmanship in terms of electrical, pipping and carpentry work. Done a great job on my house renovation. thanks very much!

Harith Kong

Designed by Eddie

I would like to thank Eddie for taking the time to advice, design and see through the renovation of our kitchen. He is patient, meticulous, reliable and professional. He made our dream kitchen a reality. Well done!

Kaili Chew

Designed by Sean Seow

Special thanks to our ID, Sean Seow, for the beautiful yet, functional design for our new home. Our first meet-up happened at a showflat viewing event which occurred months before the expected key collection date. We weren’t prepared to sign a contract with any ID at that time as we felt it was too early. What prompted us to commit was after the first discussion with Sean at his office with our floor plan where we felt his candidness, experience and creativity. We took the leap of faith as this was the first and only ID firm we had visited and indeed, Sean did not disappoint us. He never fail to impress us with his bottomless pit of artistry and originality, which shine out when he tapped into his huge wealth of experiences to tackle any hiccups faced during the renovation progress. It leaves us nothing but awestruck in admiration. Most importantly, the quality and workmanship delivered was superb, way above our expectation which worth every penny! We are also very appreciative with his lightning fast responsiveness and the standard of service maintains tip-top even after the completion of project. Thumbs up for Sean Seow and his team!

Chee Meng

Designed by Lawerance Wong

We engaged Lawerence for our new EC Renovation. This turned out to be the best decision we had made regarding to the house Reno. We shared with him the ideas we wanted for our house and he turned them to a reality for us. He is ever ready with thoughtful and professional advices. He also communicated with us during after office hours and weekends due to my busy schedule. He is very committed to the Reno even though our Reno is small in scale as the toilets and kitchen are done up by the developer already. He is also very accommodating to the needs of my Fengshui master and incorporate his advices to the design. He even managed to complete the Reno and handover to us on my wife birthday. We are very happy with his service and even recommend him to our neighbor who engaged his services as well.Our neighbor is also very happy with his services. We are happy to recommend him to any one who is looking for a professional and committed designer.​’

Sherlin Chia

Designed by Samuel Lim

Visited my friend’s newly done up place and I like the design of her house, carpentry work in particular as I had bad experience before. She referred me to Samuel for a quote and chat when I needed to overhaul my HDB 3 room resale. I had a lot of mixed ideas initially, Samuel did a good job narrowing down for me. I also had a tight timeline to catch and am doing it all alone. My requirements were quite simple but i was quite particular with the tiny details and practicality. “micro managing” 😭 Thanks to my new neighbours and town council, they gave him and his team quite a bit to handle too. I am glad he handled me well, professionally and we had a happy handover. I would recommend them for your renovations.

Andrew Liew

Designed by Sean Seow

I changed from a previous ID to Mr Sean Seow & never regretted it. Sean took over the project & was given a tough dateline. Sean is creative, proactive, helpful & attentive to details. He managed to comply with most of our challenging requirements & incorporated them into the final design. It was amazing to see him transform an empty & raw place into a beautiful & cozy home, all in less than 5 weeks; meeting our tight dateline. Despite the cramped schedule, we are impressed by good quality finishes of the renovation. My family & I are thankful to Sean for the awesome work he has done, from the design stage; to the construction stage; to the handover stage. Sean is highly recommended to anyone thinking of engaging a trustworthy ID.

Shawn Ng

Designed by Zhen Li & Louise

My project was managed by Zhen Li and Louise of dreamvision. They are very supportive, cooperative and responsive in the course of renovation work. Highly recommended for people to engage their services

Jahangeer Bin Mohamed Jahabar

Designed by Eddie

Liaised with Eddie for my parents’ home Reno project. Professional service. Honest and easy to work with. The project was done fast with great quality and follow-up. Good job guys.

Cyndi Sin

Designed by Sean Seow

Sean did a fantastic job in the overall design and more importantly he was very thorough in his follow-up. Recommend anyone to look for him if you need advice on interior designs for both residential or commercial properties.

Chewonit Chew

Designed by Sean Seow

Sean has helped us with our renovation of the house tremendously. He has suggested many creative ideas and designs and was very patient with us, allowing us time to consider the various opinions. His artistic talent and strong knowledge in interior design has allowed him to easily give us great recommendations for matching colours, shapes of features and even furnitures. We feel that Sean can improve on keeping the client informed on matters regarding to scheduling of works. An informed client is a less worried one. The client can make more informed decisions and other plans of his or her own. On the other hand, Sean was almost readily contactable and reachable anytime. He is generally accommodating and open to new options to try and explore, even if it had some inconvenience involved. His care and concern also extends out beyond than just the renovation works of the house but also to our well-being as a whole. No project can be successful without defects, of which they were rectified steadily. The quality of the works are generally to our satisfaction building up to a beautiful overall sight to view which we can be proud to present to friends and relatives in the near coming future. We wish Sean all the best and to keep up the great work!

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