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We get it. Making your dream home come true is not an easy process. You have many ideas in mind. You are also worried about meeting your budget. Furthermore, there are those renovation horror stories you have heard, that make you cautious about being the next victim.

We are the only interior design company in Singapore that has a full post-renovation department to safeguard your interests. Being an established business with over 10 years of history, we have a strong track record of working with homeowners to create a place that they are proud to call home.


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Samuel Lim, Head Designer & Founder

With over 20 years of experience, Samuel founded DreamVision in 2007. Samuel does a lot of the work himself. Due to his professionalism, he always gets many referrals from past satisfied clients. He believes passion is what keeps him going. Over the years, Samuel finds joy in working with homeowners to fulfill their home dream. Currently, Dream Vision has a team of 9 design consultants, 2 professional 3D draftsmen and 2 project coordinators to help every homeowner makes their dream home comes true.




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Why Choose Us?


This is the most basic reason you have come to us. Our designs style ranges from luxurious to minimalist. If you like retro or industrial, your house can be done up to resemble those in the 60s-70s. Unsure which style is for you? We offer up to 2 initial design layouts drawn by different designers for FREE. We make sure you find the right style for you and your home.

Strong Workmanship

All of our renovation works are done by Malaysian-Chinese who are highly skilled in what they do. While we can claim that our workmanship is strong, it is difficult to prove unless you see it yourself. We arrange visits to flats done by us. Join us for flat visits to check out the high quality of our renovation works from flooring and tiling to in-built cupboards in living room, bedroom and kitchen.

Good Budgeting

Renovating a house is a big project. We know your worries of sticking to the budget. We have our own team of contractors to do the work, from hacking to carpentry. That can help you to save on cost by a fair bit. We also provide FREE quotation on top of the 2 design layouts. That is why most homeowners enjoy working with us; we balance both cost and good design.

Full 1-Year Warranty
& Lifetime Assurance

We have confidence in our workmanship and provide you with a 1-year warranty at no extra cost. On top of that, we offer a lifetime post-renovation service for you to contact us immediately if you encounter any issues with the work. This is to safeguard your interest even after the 1-year warranty ends, we will still stay in touch if you need us.

We transform HDB layout to resemble that of Condo

Holland Drive Before & After

Holland Park Before & After

Hear From Happy Homeowners

A very artsy interior designer firm. Big thanks to Samuel who always think out of the box and make our pennies worth (he will advise if doing this or that is worth or waste of money in long run). Always find great insights to deliver what you want with their proposed design. Highly recommended, especially to home owners who want to create some art in their daily living space.
Sharon Lee, Sengkang, Compassvale Drive
Sourced for alot of ID firms but ended up signing with Dream Vision, and honestly speaking, we DID NOT regret our decision. Be it ideas or working ethics, very creative and professional. ID in charge of our project constantly giving us viable and creative ideas, not forgetting excellent before and after sales services! Thumbs up!!!
Bryan Phua, Sengkang, Compassvale Drive
What we like most about Samuel, he is a good listener and he explains his solution very well. He listens to us, completely understands our needs and then he would propose a solution that is practical, reasonable and acceptable. He walks us through the complete solution before implementing by discussing & explaining the whys and why-nots. When we did renovation of our kitchen, Samuel suggested reuse of few existing components that were still in good quality, which we think many other contractors would have tried to replace with new material to make some profit. Samuel is reliable, accessible and produced good quality solutions for us.
Mr Ranjith CV, Pari Delap Walk Tanah Merah Crest Blk 6
After having been cheated by a crook, we were lucky to be introduced to samuel from a close friend. He succeeded to not only terminate the project in the limited time but also far exceeded our expectations. Not only he was understanding, kind with great ideas and suggestions but his work was extremely efficient and the support was continuous. We fell in love with our home immediately and not one day passes by without us loving our nest and blessing his work. He understood our requests and with a touch of creativity, realised our demands in a cost efficient and timely manner. We highly recommend his work to all.
Agnès Meurzec, 192 Pasir Ris St. 12
My project was managed by Eddie Yap and his team of Dreamvision. Despite me being overseas during the entire project, it went on with a breeze and they were able to deliver what I have communicated via email and WA. I was glad to be able to focus on my work and not stress over the course of renovation. The added bonus is that many friends commented that it is reasonable and value for money. I highly recommend this company. Patient and meticulous to understand my requirements yet at a reasonable cost. Surprisingly Eddie also provide many valuable inputs on what’s good and what’s not, reducing the total amount spent. Not like other IDs I encounter.. very pushy to add things that might not be even practical. Will definitely get him to handle my next property purchase.
Kevan Tay – Woodlands
Samuel is in charge of my house renovation from 4 Nov 2017 to 18 Nov 2017. only In this short short time he had completed the work that normally need 1 or 2 months. And the work done by Samuel is excellent!! He is not just artistic design for interior of my house but also help us to save our money for important things and advise us not spend on things that non-important. Samuel thinks not only he himself but also us interests. If without Samuel’s responsibility we can not shift from old house to new house so smoothly. Soooooo much thanks to Samuel and strong recommended Samuel to design for your house!!!
Hai Li Fu


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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply because you want a peace of mind. With contractors, you can save on cost. But they don’t provide designs and project management services. Imagine having to liaise with 4 to 5 contractors while juggling with your full-time job – it is almost impossible. You might even incur higher costs when some contractors don’t deliver as promised. You should always look for a trusted interior designer to get the job done for you.
Yes. Because you might not be trained in drawing technical floor plans needed to communicate with the renovation workers. We do that for you. We also provide suggestions and advice on how to design your space. On top of that, we oversee the whole renovation process. Knowing what design style you like will help to speed up the initial process. Let us know your design style to start planning your home today!
All the more you should! We are trained in space planning. A good design is one that improves the look of your house, and also makes your house feels bigger than it is. Some of the methods include using more glass panels, mirrors and hidden storage to hide all the clutter. Show us your floor plan to see if we can help to plan your house to achieve a clean and elegant look.
Renovation can cost anywhere from $20K onwards depending on the extent of hacking and the size of your apartment. Beware of contractors who provide a general quotation, they will often charge more at the end of the renovation. As part of our practice, we provide every homeowner a detailed quotation of the work to be done including all the hacking and installation.

Unlike most interior designers, we provide 2 initial design layouts instead of just 1. This is done to give you a clearer sense of what style suits you and your apartment more. Going one step further, we also do 3D designs to help you visualize your future home. One thing is for sure, no other interior design firms provide post-renovation service like us to safeguard your interest even after the 1-year warranty period.
We are one of the few firms in Singapore that has full-time site coordinators to monitor your renovation. We do on-site checks 4 to 5 times a week to make sure all the ongoing work are up to standards. Regular updates will be given to you through Whatsapp on the progress of renovation.

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Chances are, you are unsure how to pick the one designer for your home. One that listens to your needs and manages the whole renovation process for you. The only way to tell is to speak to one of us, to see if we are the right fit. With over 10 years of interior design experience, we can help to build your dream home. Why not tell us your ideas and start planning today?

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